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Ancona Tourist Attractions

With a population of approximately 100, 000 people, Ancona is one of the many cities in Italy that really hold much water and significance when it comes to tourism. The area has been a trading center for well over 3000 years and still is a relevant market place for many companies and individuals who want to sell their products and services. The economic and tourism significance of Ancona is mainly attributed to the well laid out transport and communication links.

When you come to Italy through Ancona Airport, you can always rest assured that Ancona is one place that is full of fun activities to indulge in. The city has got numerous things that it can actually offer you. The rich history and nature are definitely aspects that we cannot just choose to overlook. Apart from that, the medieval and ancient sites are also worth a mention. If at all you are into nature and love sampling the most natural attractions, Parco Del Conero is definitely a site that you cannot miss to visit. It is the ideal place for you to get to explore the limestone cliffs and rock caves.

Ancona and a majority of the other surrounding cities all boast of numerous historic theatres. These offer an awesome source of entertainment both for the locals and the international visitors who come here. There are varieties of performances taking place each day and therefore, if you need to be entertained, this is the joint that you need to come to. Once you have gotten a pick of the great entertainment here, you can then sample some of the best Italian cuisine and the best wine. You can get such products and services from the many hotels and restaurants that are available in the city center.

Summer is business time for the locals here. The weather is warm and therefore millions of people flock this place in order to enjoy the clear skies and waters. They also come to enjoy bathing in the sandy beaches. If at all you love attending festivals and entertainment joints, autumn is then the best time for you to come to Ancona and more so through Ancona Airport. The sea festival that comes on the first Sunday of every September is one of the most significant festivals for you to attend here. This festival is held in honor of people who have perished in waters. Thousands of uniquely designed boats sail into the sea to mark this great day. Those still in the dry land can still enjoy them and have some good time appreciating what they see in this day. There are normally colorful parades that are spotted in various streets in town.

If you love exhibitions and fairs, there are still a couple of events for which the city of Ancona is known for. The Exhibition of dog products and the international dog show are just but some of the few kinds of fairs that you can attend here. There are various historic and medieval religious buildings here as well. One of the most favorite religious buildings here is the S. Ciriaco Cathedral. This is also the major monument today that is found here in Ancona. This is one of the oldest buildings here and dates way back into the 11th and 13th centuries.

The architecture and design of the buildings here are also some aspects that you can take home with you. You can also get to enjoy some of the most wonderful views of this great city. There are generally many things that you can get to enjoy whenever you are here in Ancona. If you love night life, this city might offer you the kind of service you need but it is considerably tame when you compare it to other cities in this region.