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Ancona Airport is located in proximity to the major cities in Italy. Ancona, the host home to this airport is a vibrant and awesome city in the sea. There are many other airports that are located near Ancona. These include Rimmi Airport, Forli Airport, Pescara Airport, and the Pula airport. The famous historical city, Venice is located about 372 kilometers from the city of Ancona.

The area code for Ancona Airport is AOI and it is located in Falconara. The airport again is located off the A14 motorway. This is basically the motorway which runs parallel to the coastal strip. If you need to reach the airport, from the city center, you just need to spare yourself 15 to 20 minutes. Of course this is with the assumption that there is no traffic congestion and that you are using the SS76 motorway. The travelling time in this region, just like in other places around the globe depends on traffic situation. Roads are always busier during the major rush hours.

The official website for the airport is the best place for you to learn about travel directions to and from this airport. You can also contact the support team at the airport if you need any help with accessing any facility within or without the airport. Italy is an awesome country. There are various tourist destinations that you might want to visit during the time when you will be here. One of the most popular destinations in this region is Pescara which is located about 85 miles or rather 186 kilometers from the city of Ancona. You might have to take about 2 hours to move from Pescara to the airport site. Some of the major roads that lead to Ancona from the Pescara region include A14, Viale 22 Maggio 1944/SP2, Bari, Citta S and Roma. There are still other routes that you can get to and from the Ancona Airport.

The best thing with coming to this place is that the roads are very well signposted. Therefore, there are minimal chances of you getting misled or losing track of where you are going. The airport is made up of only one passenger terminal that deals with both arrivals and departures. There is also a meet and greet area within this terminal as well. It might be also good to note that all domestic and international flights are operated from one location. The terminal has however been expanded in the recent past so as to cater for the needs of the ever increasing number of passengers passing through this airport.

If at all you need to get to the airport from any part of Italy, there are many routes that you can use.

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